a small list of good things

Hello all! I'm back with a small list of good things from the past week or so. + I've decided to spend the month of February working on my drawing skills. My goal is to set aside time each day for some spontaneous doodling/drawing in order to exercise those creative brain muscles! I plan to let myself draw as little or as much as I want each day. I've purchased a small notebook for this … [Read more...]

Friday Finds // Renee Kurilla

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.56.17 PM

I'm constantly sifting through Tumblr posts, browsing the art category on Pinterest, and discovering new people on Twitter. Maybe I'm weird, but I just like to wander and discover new people and things. Sometimes I come across something lovely and special, something worth sharing, which is what happened to me early this morning. I was on Twitter when one of the lovely Illustrators I follow, … [Read more...]

I’ve gone emo…tional.

This week has been tough. No, scratch that, the word I'm looking for is brutal. Monday felt like somebody simply tossed me into the boxing ring and said, "ok, here you go!" Sucker punch to the face, multiple times. Each day something new has come at me with a I'm-gonna-take-you-down-a-peg" kind of attitude. It has made me into one giant ball of stress and anxiety. Usually when I have a bad … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday // adorableness


Meet Archer. He's adorable, no? Well, he's also a mischievous little tyke. Like, ridiculously mischievous. If he does not have a toy when he wants one, he'll go find one. He's not picky. He will literally bring you anything he can find. Sometimes it's a receipt (one of his personal favorites) or maybe you'll get a bottle of eye drops, if no receipt can be found. Yes, that has ACTUALLY happened, - … [Read more...]

Monday Musings // Chandelier Cover

So, there are a few new themed posts I’d like to feature here on the new blog. One of them is something I will be calling “Monday Musings” in which I will share a tweet, photo, quote, song, or something special that I’ve found on the Internet the previous week. I’d like to share the very first one with you today! There is something you’ll need to know about me. It's that I looooove music. … [Read more...]